Lokotrack ST3.5 Mobile Screen

The latest edition to the Lokotrack mobile screen product range is the ST3.5. The product is designed with compact transport dimensions, high quality components, and to meet the latest global health and safety legislation.

The standard ST3.5 two-deck Lokotrack is capable of producing two sized fractions, and depending on the application, an optional two-deck vibrating grid can be installed to yield three sized fractions.

Lokotrack ST3.5 is ideal for:

  • From small to medium-sized contractors.
  • Efficient classification of up to three end products in wide range of screening applications.

Main customer benefits of the Lokotrack ST3.5 are:

  • Mesigned to achieve the lowest sustainable cost per ton.
  • Unmatched efficiency and capacity in its size class.
  • Working safety is ensured by built in safety of all components, structural solutions and low voltage control system.

Main features of the Lokotrack ST3.5 are:

High capacity two bearing two deck screen box is equipped with interchangeable screen meshes minimizing customer stock holding costs. New CAT4.4 75kw (100HP) diesel engine together with efficient hydraulic system enables trouble free and cost efficient operation also in demanding applications and extreme climate conditions. Compact dimensions and low transport weight add value through lower transport costs

Technical Specifications
Screen Deck Area (Two Deck Screen)3,580mm x 1,500mm (11ft 7" x 5ft)
Hopper Capacity5.5m³ (7.2 yd³)
Loading Height3,290mm (10ft 9")
Loading Width/Height3,800mm (12ft 5")
Transport Dimensions
Length14,350 (47ft 1")
Width3,000mm (9ft 6")
Height3,460mm (11ft 3")
Weight23,230kg (51,100lbs)
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